Safety Regulations for the Oil & Gas Industry – Drilling Regulations in the Russian Federation

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Safety Regulations for the Oil & Gas Industry – Drilling Regulations in the Russian Federation
Format: Paperback
Pages: 160
Publisher: IADC

Published by The Federal Mining and Industrial Supervision of Russia, Gosgortechnadzor, this comprehensive guide to oil industry safety compiles all relevant regulations pertaining to drilling operations, design and manufacture of equipment and tools and the training of personnel for operations in the Russian Federation. The Regulations set procedures for cooperation between the Gosgortechnadzor and regulated companies with respect to industrial safety, protection of the environment, and reasonable use of natural resources. Produced in cooperation with the Association of Drilling Contractors of the CIS.

These regulations have been developed according to the Directive on the Gosgortechnadzor of Russia approved by the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation as of June 18, 1993, #234, and by the Federal law On Industrial Safety of Hazardous Industrial Objects as of July 21, 1997, #116-F3.

At the time of preparation of the Regulations, proposals and recommendations of enterprises of oil and as industry, of machine building plants developing and manufacturing equipment and tools for the oil and gas complex, of scientific research and designing institutions, of territorial bodies of the Gosgortechnadzor of Russia, and of international organizations and companies were taken into account.

Upon introduction into effect of these Regulations, the Safety Rules for Oil and Gas Industry approved by the Gosgortechnadzor of Russia on December 14, 1992, should be considered null and void.

General Requirements
Requirements to Safe Operations at Construction of Oil and Gas Wells
Requirements to Safe Operations Related to Production, Collection and Treatment of Oil, Gas and Gos-Condensate
Requirements with Respect to Safe Geophysical Works at Oil and Gas Wells
Additional Requirements with Respect to Safe Operations at the Fields with High Content of Hydrogen Sulfide
Requirements with Respect to Assembling and Operation of Flare Systems

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