Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing


Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing 

Author: Saeid Mokhatab; William Poe; James Speight
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 672
ISBN: 978-0-7506-7776-9
Publisher: Elsevier Science and Technology Books/Harcourt
Year Published: 2006

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Handbook of Natural Gas Transmission and Processing gives engineers and managers complete coverage of natural gas transmission and processing in the most rapidly growing sector to the petroleum industry. The authors provide a unique discussion of new technologies that are energy efficient and environmentally appealing at the same time. It is an invaluable reference on natural gas engineering and the latest techniques for all engineers and managers moving to natural gas processing as well as those currently working on natural gas projects.

Features & Benefits:

* Provides practicing engineers critical information on all aspects of gas gathering, processing and transmission
* First book that treats multiphase flow transmission in great detail
* Examines natural gas energy costs and pricing with the aim of delivering on the goals of efficiency, quality and profit

Table of Contents:

* Chapter 1: Natural Gas Fundamental
* Chapter 2: Natural Gas Energy Pricing
* Chapter 3: Raw Gas Transmission
* Chapter 4: Basic Concept of Natural Gas Processing
* Chapter 5: Phase Separation
* Chapter 6: Condensate Stabilization
* Chapter 7: Acid Gas Treating
* Chapter 8: Natural Gas Compression
* Chapter 9: Gas Dehydration
* Chapter 10: Natural Gas Liquids Recovery
* Chapter 11: Sales Gas Transmission
* Chapter 12: Gas Processing Plant Controls and Automation
* Chapter 13: Dynamic Simulation of Gas Processing Plants
* Chapter 14 Environmental Aspects of Gas Processing and Use
* Chapter 15 Maximizing Profitability of Gas Plant Assets
* Chapter 16 Gas Plant Project Management
* Appendix 1 Three-Phase Flash Calculation for Hydrocarbon Systems Containing Water
* Appendix 2 Conversion Factors
* Appendix 3 Physical Properties of Fluids
* Appendix 4 Glossary
* Index

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