Fundamentals of the World Gas Industry, 2006


Fundamentals of the World Gas Industry, 2006 

Pages: 112
Publisher: Petroleum Economist
Year Published: 2006

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«Over the past five years, rising oil prices – and with them gas prices – have transformed the global gas business. At the same time, the cost of liquefying and transporting gas, including by pipeline, has been dropping.»
Claude Mandil, executive director, IEA

Proved global reserves will last for over 60 years at today’s rates of consumption. Yet, the mismatch between the physical location of reserves and consumption centres will ensure that the level of inter-regional trade will continue to grow. At the same time, governments will be more active in creating regulatory frameworks in which the industry can flourish. The gas industry is changing faster than ever before.

Against this background, Fundamentals of the World Gas Industry, 2006 consists of more than 30 articles analysing the latest developments around the world. From a flourishing industry in Egypt to a resurgent Gazprom in Russia, from China’s supply gap to the potential of the Brazilian industry, the book covers all regions of the world and all aspects of the industry. It is essential reading for all gas people.

The authors are leading industry experts and Petroleum Economist journalists, so the writing is always clear and incisive. Topics covered include:

* The supply and demand picture from around the globe
* Co-operation in the Asian gas sector
* The prospects for a single European gas market
* Gas developments in the Middle East
* The trading revolution in Canada
* The limits to growth in the LNG trade
* Competition with other fuels
* Security of supply
* Project financing
* GTL, LNG, CNG, CMB methanol, storage and more

The book also contains gas world gas reserves and production statistics and a series of global gas maps showing the location of the world’s reserves.

Contributors Include:

Shell, the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Chevron Global Gas, Petroleum Economist, Natural Resources Canada, the Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas, Gaffney, Cline & Associates, the IEA, the EIA, the IGU, American Gas Association and DTE Energy, Gasunie, Penspen, The UK Department of Industry, Metrogas, Chatham House, Datamonitor, Wood Mackenzie, ING Wholesale Banking, CE Delft consultancy, Johnson Matthey Catalysts, ILEX Energy Consulting, APX Group, ABB Lummus Global, Stanford University, and E.On Ruhrgas.

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